A Cocoon of Darkness
A Cocoon of Darkness dark stories

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This is the theme for November 23, 2018. If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments.

A Cocoon of Darkness

When the girl was younger, her dad died.

She was a relatively happy child until that moment.

But after that she was sad.

Her soul was unreachable through the cocoon of darkness that surrounded her.

But.. even so...

Someone managed to make the darkness go away.

A friend? Maybe not...

It was something more...

Until he faded away too.

The darkness grew thicker and thicker..

Sharp shards of a bottles, and the smell of alcohol...

but.. were they hers?

But..think about this... in the cold light, a widowed mother drinks away the pain of the one she loved's death.

Until..... she faded away too.

There was no one for her ....... nothing left to live for.

so.... why did she bother living?

Her last words were written with shaky handwriting....

She smiled a grim smile when she thought about the fact that nobody would read it

the darkness guided her hands as she tied the rope.

The lifeless body hung from the ceiling

there would be no more darkness in her life.

I am still working on improving this story.... So, please leave me feedback in the comments! Thank you!

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