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Kyle enjoys driving through the Arizona desert. The wind in his hair, the clean air, and the starry sky sparkling just for him. His drive is interrupted by a bright light. Is this his last drive?

The Rock

The Rock By N.S.K.

The radio is blasting as Kyle drives through the Arizona desert. The stars are shimmering brightly in the night sky and there is no one else around.

Suddenly, a burst of blinding light appears in front of Kyle's truck, followed by the sound of breaking glass. He blacks out.

Kyle opens his eyes to find himself lying in a hospital bed. A nurse checks up on him.

"What happened?" He asks her. The nurse smiles at him.

"You are lucky to be alive," She replies. "The doctor will be right with you soon." She records his vitals and walks out the room.

Kyle looks down at his body and notices something large and round protruding through the covers.

Before he could investigate, the doctor walks in. He greets Kyle with a warm smile and shakes his hand.

"You were hit by something on your drive." The doctor says. "It's a miracle that you are still alive"

"However, we still need to operate. Our best surgeon is prepping for you now. Get some rest."

"Where am I?" Kyle asks.

"Don't worry about that right now. Focus on getting better," the doctor says sincerely. He walks out the room.

Kyle looks back at the figure in front of him. His hands shake as he slowly reaches for the edge of the sheet.

He inhales deep, and without blinking he pulls the sheet off to reveal a large black rock lodged in his abdomen. The blood around the rock is dark crusty.

Kyle wants to scream but is unable to find his voice. His breathing gets faster and he breaks out into a cold sweat.

A dizziness casts over him and his vision goes dark again.

He wakes in a different room. Through heavy eyelids, Kyle can see the doctor, the nurse and a man in full gown and mask at the far side of the large room.

"He must be the surgeon," Kyle thinks to himself. He listens to their conversation without alerting them.

"We must get rid of him now," says the surgeon.

"Someone might be looking for him," the nurse replies.

"We need that rock!" the doctor exclaims. "Without it, we may never reach our goal!" The nurse turns to him.

"Then we remove the rock," she says. "If he lives, we drop him off at the local police station. If he dies-"

The surgeon interrupts with an inhuman guttural voice.

"Then we leave him out in the desert. The creatures will eat him," says the surgeon.

Kyle gasps. As fast as he can, he jumps out of the bed, holding the rock in his stomach and runs towards the nurse.

He snatches her key-card and makes it through the door. The trio run after him as he clears hall after hall. He reaches an elevator.

He swipes the card to open it and runs in, frantically trying to close the elevator door.

They close just in time. Kyle chooses the first floor and breathes a sigh of relief. The elevator then ascends and the numbers are counting backwards from 4 to 1.

"Am I going up?" Kyle asks himself.

Kyle reaches the first floor. The doors open to reveal the desert plain.

He runs out looking around. He can see the road, but becomes disoriented while running towards it.

Suddenly, he spots some headlights moving up the road. This motivates him to keep moving. He finally reaches the road but collapses as the approaching police car stops in front of him.

The officers get out and pull him up. He looks at their concerned faces. One officer makes a call on the radio.

"We found him alive," he says. "Looks like he isn't going to last long. Bring the medics."

The officers then look back at him. Kyle's vision becomes very blurry.

"We must wait until backup arrives," says one officer in an abnormal voice. A response comes on the radio.

"We will arrive soon," says a familiar voice. It is the doctor.

The officers' faces begin to morph. Their eyes become black, noses disappear, teeth become short and pointy, and their heads become thinner. The creature in the police uniform speaks again.

"Not that he will last that long." Says one creature. "Lets just take the rock out. No one is looking for him anyway."

Upon that last statement, Kyle blacks out for the last time.

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