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A random poem about my new friend, influenced by my slowly diminishing arachnophobia.
It has been a while since I last wrote a poem, but feedback and criticism are welcome.

My Friend

My Friend By N.S.K

Creepy one, sitting in the corner, long legs adhering to the wall. My fear, my enemy, bearing fangs and venom.

You menacingly sit in that corner of yours, awaiting your next victim. Spending your day weaving that trap of despair until the day you fall.

Like you, wretched ants and mosquitoes invade my home. They torment me with their bites and stings.

And steal what isn't theirs. It's seems I'll never be rid of them and forever they'll roam.

Without hesitation, you put an end to their reign. Creeping and snatching them.

Scaring them away and eating your fill. Now I no longer suffer the pain.

Thank you little one, my respect is yours until the end. You sit there listening to me write in peace.

Once my fear and my enemy. Now, my friend.

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