The Man They Call Box
The Man They Call Box  fiction stories
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Box helps two afraid people adjust to a new home.
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The Man They Call Box

Stuck in the bleak place With another friend -bless them There is no escape.

Until Box found us With a soft smile and eyes Now we found safety.

Pizza? Blankets? More!? Such luxuries for one man... My head spins with glee.

Joy fills his kind eyes As his card swipes down for us Why does she hate him?

Hate floods her scarred eyes As she demeans and hates him He does nothing back.

He sleepwalks to work Cooking sweet fluffy pancakes Yet my friend still hates.

Box tried hard today To make her laugh and giggle I'm worried for both.

My friend lashed at him Not his fault for not knowing Abandonment sucks.

He bought a stuffed bear Held it in her quaking grasp A tiny smile formed.

Her eyes narrow still But now with much less venom She laughs at his jokes.

Although life is hard And loves to close libraries Box makes it worth it

Mister Box is weird, She and Box still disagree, But now ends laughing.

Placed in a safe home With another friend -bless them We choose to stay here.

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