The Labyrinth of Life a Poem by Noxious
The Labyrinth of Life 

a Poem by Noxious thriller stories

noxious Community member
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Created a poem after reading the Novel, Looking for Alaska by John Green

The Labyrinth of Life a Poem by Noxious

Deafening silence kept creaking

Despite everybody's noisy speaking

Telling and asking sentimental things

Can't help but be deafened by the act of crying

Whats the use of living in this labyrinth of suffering

Can't move an inch like a movie buffering

Finding an escape out is it the only way?

And could death be the only path, who's to say?

A place Black and Gray full of nothingness

To escape and be engrossed on the labyrinth of unwillingness

Its up to you how you live your life,

Two decisions both can be ended with a Knife

Maybe we're not meant to escape this labyrinth of suffering

Maybe the Labyrinth is life itself a maze ever confusing

The suffering will always keep on continuing

We just need People to spend it with even while arguing

In the end life may be the so called labyrinth of suffering

But in the maze as confusing as it is, are people worth living

Life is but a choice of two different Paths

The path to be dull and tedious, or the path taken only by psychopaths

So which will you choose?

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