My Friend by Nox

                       My Friend
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I've spent a lot of time in love...

A conversation with my friend opened my eyes to some of things.

My Friend by Nox

I had a conversation with my friend today.

My friend who watches romance movies on repeat... just cause she wants to be held

My friend who knows every note, to every love song on the radio... because they all match the beat of her heart.

My friend who has only romance novels on her bookshelf... each having small tear stains in them.

My friend who wants to be loved.

She won't tell anyone these things though... She can't?

Because the one who holds her... Bites her with his words and strikes her with his actions

And she goes back to him.

She tells him she's sorry, Even when its not her fault

She tells him it's not his fault, When it is...

When he is the reason that she...

Sits on her bathroom floor, Crying. For two hours?

Starves herself in order to look... "Pretty"

Cries in the bathroom stalls at school Because of his words

Panics each time she upsets him... And beats her legs and sides... To the point they bruise

When he is the reason she can't love the person she wants, Because he holds her heart captive...

With his late night whispers of how he "loves her"

You see cause my friend is held captive by a boy who doesn't deserve her When she knows that right there? There is a man who does.

A man who... Cherishes her. Praises her. Loves her. Treats her.

Sends her "Good Morning Beautiful" each day. Stays up late talking to her when shes broken. Sprints just to hold her. Defends her.

Loves her

A man who knows just how hurt she is by this boy who holds her... And stays to remind her shes not alone

Because my friend is my heart. And it is torn between a... Boy and a Man

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