It’s not right Part 2
It’s not right

Part 2 gay stories

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Part 2! It’s still kind of a slow burn(for now) and I didn’t have time to add backgrounds to all of them... Enjoy!

It’s not right Part 2

Ignoring the feeling that I had, I split off from my friends and went to my first class

Sitting in the empty seat in the back of my biology class, the bell rang and class began

Only for a boy to come through the door not even a minute later

His hair was a chocolate brown, his eyes soft and dark, with a olive skin tone to top it all off

“Ah Jordan, nice of you to join us. Take a seat in the back with Aron.” The teacher said, pointing back at the desk,

The boy walked back here and stopped at the edge of the desk,

“This seat taken?” I rolled my eyes,

“Nope.” He sat down, placing his bag to the side of him before turning to me.

“I assume your Aron then?” He said, leaning towards me.

“Nope, I’m a chimp named Jack.” I replied sarcastically

He chuckled, flashing a bright smile as he did so

I shrugged and ignored him, I had to focus on class or I’d probably end up failing

Eventually the class ended and I was left to my own devices,

My next class, History, I had alone

Or so I thought, Jordan walked into the room just behind me, smiling at me as he sat in the seat next to mine

“Funny seeing you here.”

I grunted and faced away from him, staring at the wall beside us

He didn’t say anything else for the rest of the class,

When it let out, I walked to lunch. Aware that I did still have him trailing behind me

I stopped and turned around, “why are you following me?” I asked accusingly

“Because the lunch room is this way?”

“Well yeah, but I mean in classes. Since the start of the day you haven’t left me alone.”

He shrugged and smiled, “sorry, I just saw you and your friends on the bus. I thought you guys seemed pretty cool.”

“Oh.” Now I really felt stupid,

Thankfully I was saved by Sabrina running over to me and shoving me

However I was shoved right into Jordan, which made me oddly uncomfortable.

“Who’s this?” She asked,

“T-this is a new student, Jordan” why am I stuttering?

“Hey guys.”

They both introduced themselves and dragged us into the cafeteria.

While they talked I couldn’t get out of my head,

The same thought echoing in my head

What is wrong with me today?!

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