It’s not right
It’s not right  part one of...several stories

nowyouseeme Stabby Stabby~
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It’s a gay story I swear, I just wasn’t able to get that far without making it too long

It’s not right

I woke up to my alarm, as most people would on a Monday morning.

I took a shower, ate breakfast, and caught the bus in time for school.

When I got on the bus, I met with my two best friends, Sabrina and Casey.

Sabrina was a rebel girl, who had bright red hair and the biggest blue eyes.

Casey however, was her exact opposite. With brown hair so dark it looked black, hazel eyes, and a laid back attitude.

They both greeted me as I made my way over to them, Sabrina scooting to the seat next to the one Casey and I shared.

“So what’s the big scoop, ya got a crush yet?” Sabrina asked, “Or even better a secret girlfriend?!”

I shook my head and laughed, “didn’t I tell you guys that you’d be first to know if I liked someone.”

She rolled her eyes at me, “Yeah but you’ve been single for so long now, I’m starting to have my doubts about you.”

Me being the immature person I am, stuck my tongue out at her.

She did the same before smiling at me, laughing as she did so

“Why don’t you bug Casey about this stuff huh?”

She shrugged and looked down at the ground, that’s when it finally clicked.

“OH MY GOD YOU TWO ARE-“ Casey cut me off by slamming his hand over my mouth

“Shhh idiot, nobody knows yet!” Casey whisper shouted at me,

I put my hands up in surrender and he took his hand from my mouth,

Smiling mischievously, I stood up from my seat.

“SABRINA AND CASEY ARE DATING!” I yelled loud enough that the crowd on the bus could hear,

As I sat back down I revived a punch in the arm from both sides, my friends groaning as I laughed more.

“Look at it this way, people were going to find out sooner or later so why not now?” I said shrugging as they both glared at me,

“The little shit has a good point.” Sabrina said, earning a shout of protest from me

Before Casey could answer the bus stopped and we had arrived at school.

As we walked out of the bus, I watched from behind the two as they stepped out into the courtyard hand In hand.

I did good by giving these two the publicity that they needed,

yet I couldn’t get rid of this sinking feeling in my chest every time I looked at their intertwined hands.

Why did I feel this way? They’re my best friends and not they’re happy and dating each other.

So why does it suddenly make me feel so bad?

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