It’s not right Part 5
It’s not right    

Part 5 gay stories

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Things get a little heated, read to find out

It’s not right Part 5

WARNING Slurs, internalized homophobia

The rest of the week I ignored everybody, especially Jordan who in turn also ignored me.

Casey and Sabrina went about their usual stuff, from what I noticed at least

It was all so...quiet, peaceful even.

Of course peaceful doesn’t last long though does it.

“So you’re from New Orleans, that’s really cool.” I heard a female voice from around the corner,

That female voice, was Sabrina

“You know, toned guys are really hot.” I almost gagged, peeking around the corner and saw Sabrina with her hand up Jordan’s shirt

“Oh I bet.” He said, taking her hand out and scooting away

“You’re really cute too, say would you want to come over to my house?” I heard enough,

It was sickening, how she could cheat on Casey so easily.

I ran from the area and immediately found said male,

“Casey I need-“

“Oh so you want to talk to me now.” He said, crossing his arms

“I get it, I was an asshole but there’s something I really need to tell you.”

“Fine. Let’s hear it.” He kept me under his gaze, standing only a few inches taller than me.

“Sabrina, she’s flirting with Jordan and trying to cheat on you with him.” He put his head back and laughed,

“Is this some shitty way for me to forget how you acted the other day.”

“What?! No! Why would you- that’s not the point. Sabrina really is trying to cheat.” The smirk dropped from his face and he scowled at me.

“Really is this what you’re going with? This is pathetic.” What is he saying? Why is he acting like this?

“What are you anyway, some kind of Fag?”


“You really are a fag aren’t you! Fucking disgusting.” He backed away from me,

“I-I’m not! Do you even hear yourself?” What would make him think that I’m, that I’m-

“Please you always acted like a twink. never went on dates, always hanging with Sabrina, always SO emotional.”

“Really?! That makes me a twink?!” I shoved him, big mistake.

He shoved me back, much harder.

I stumbled back and ran at him again, socking him right in the nose

Angry and hurt he came back at me with twice the force, punching me in the gut

I doubled over in pain, I unable to brace myself for the next blow right onto my face

He grabbed me by the collar, I tried to cover my face with my arms and took the brunt of his hits until we were separated by the police.

As they dragged us away from each other he spat on me, on the face too.

“Fucking Fag.”

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