I’m random...
I’m random...
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nowyouseeme Stabby Stabby~
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I’m tiered

I’m random...

Normally I have something cryptic and depressing to say,

Now it’s just depressing and longing, so buckle in folks we’re about to go on an emotional roller coaster. Aka a rant that I hope very few people see.

Life is hard, it’s super fucking hard. I don’t even mean school or work, living is hard.

We’re told how to live our lives for 18 years, it may not seem long in the grand scheme of things but it’s enough to kill people.

So many people are depressed because they are forced to be around people they don’t want to be near ALL THE TIME.

Homophobic, transphobic, sexist, abusive.

So far I’ve seen all but one of these things, and I know it’s all over the world. The USA is plagued with it, we talk about being free and all that shit but it’s killing us.

Many teens don’t make it past 14, I almost didn’t make it to 14. The worst part of it all is that it’s just a fact of life.

Hating your parents, feeling depressed, suicide. That’s just how the world is, “natural selection”

It never left, and it never will. We just accepted it, we didn’t have to barbarically kill people ourselves so what’s the point in recognizing it at all right?

The “weak” kill themselves and the strong keep living until their body decides to give up too.

We’re at war, we’ve always been at war. It’s never ending and it’s slowly breaking more people.

I’m so tiered of fighting, some days I’m so tiered I don’t even want to try. I force myself out of bed, I force myself to be happy, I force myself to push through the day.

One person makes it all worth it and I’m not even allowed to be with them. I miss them so much, I want them, I need them. I ask myself “why even try?” Well I’ve got many reasons If I look for them. To protect my little brother, to help my struggling cousins, to keep my friends alive, to love someone. What are your reasons?

In short I have depression, I’m angry, I’m gay, and have way too much time to myself. Have a great night/day everybody.

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