I’m okay...not. Part 1
I’m okay...not.  Part 1 #ppl-r-gay stories
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Read about Jake and his adventures in finding sexuality.

I’m okay...not. Part 1

Everything was going fine in my life, socially, romantically, even at home. Then HE came.

By he I mean, Edmund Rodriguez. When he first got to the school I didn’t think much of him, he just looked like another trouble maker.

I had been asked to show him around the school, it went well I guess. He didn’t say much and stayed close enough to hear what I was saying.

I thought my lunch I could ditch him. “Hey I’ll be right back, go ahead and get lunch without me.” After a bit I got my lunch and went towards my friends where he was already sitting.

I didn’t care too much about it (my friends are outgoing people) I guess it was a opportunity to see if he is cool or not.

He told us that he and his family just moved from Arizona,

I tuned out the rest of what he said, I was looking across the field, where a group of girls sat. Very pretty, easy to fluster girls.

“Oi! Get your head out of the clouds Jack.” My friends laughed with him, I chuckled along too.

“Sorry, just spacing out per usual.” He made some jokes and I threw and apple at him. Everyday stuff for us, except for Ed. Who I hadn’t failed to notice staring at me.

I ignored it, it could be nothing, he could be staring past me.

A week went by, he continued to eat and hang out with us and he actually wasn’t too bad. He’s an interesting person.

Then everything changed (when the fire nation attacked lol)

It was after school hours, I stayed behind for club activities like usual. I went out to grab a snack from the vending machines, it got stuck (of course).

Ed showed up and shook it loose, but when he handed the snack to me he kept staring. “You know what, your kinda cute.”

“What?” He smiled at me, but it wasn’t a playful joking smile, it was a flirtatious smirk. “I said, your cute.” He came onto me, practically pinning me against the vending machine.

“G-get off me!” I pushed him aside and ran back into the school. What was he doing? Why did it give me butterflies in my stomach? No. No I was sick to my stomach, he just flirted with me. “Faggot.” I grumbled under my breath, then I went back to the club and acted like nothing happened.

End of part 1.

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