Harry Potter... but with Gordon Ramsay.
Harry Potter... but with Gordon Ramsay.  harry potter stories

nowyouseeme Stabby Stabby~
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I never said it would be great, just that I’d make it. @goldenflame

Harry Potter... but with Gordon Ramsay.

This is a one shot, made because @Goldenflame thought of it and I wanted to write it. (Apologizes in advance)

(Set scene) Harry, Ron and Hermione just took their seats in potions class. At the front stood a blonde with an angry expression on his face and a white apron on him.

“Welcome to potions 101, I am Gordon Ramsay.” He leans heavily on the desk and stares at the children. “Alright let’s get cooking.”

“No you’re doin it wrong! It’s toad eggs, not toad legs!” Ramsay yelled at the Weasly in the front, the red head blubbered and tried to fix it but it was already too late.

Ramsay sighed and pointed at the boy, “This here is an idiot, don’t follow his lead.”


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