Gays, Guys, and Greeks.
Gays, Guys, and Greeks. i’m so done with living stories
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nowyouseeme Stabby Stabby~
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Gays, Guys, and Greeks.

Today doesn’t have as much history per say but it has the out come of it.

So a thing I’ve noticed over the years is that the British changed a lot of culture through out the world and the places they “colonized”

Don’t get me wrong plenty of others have invaded other places too, but some of the first where I have seen the most change is from the Europeans.

For Starters (even though they didn’t invade here first)here in America, Where the native Americans lived for many years.

Many Native American cultures were very excepting to LGBTQ+ and it was a part of their culture in a good amount of places.

The British came in with the attitude of, “These people are savage and they must be shown culture”

In which they changed how the natives thought.

And look at America now....

Somebody please nuke us and let it end already.

19 states are conservative, and that’s just the ones that outnumber liberals. The homophobic’s still exist all over! (Note I’m not saying that all conservatives are homophobic, just that those that I’ve met 9.5 out of 10 are)

Indiana is pretty half and half, California I’d say would be 70/30, Florida...can’t say but in the south their pretty disapproving so I’ll estimate 40/60.

Thanks Europe, you’ve doomed us and we have doomed ourselves.

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