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nowyouseeme Stabby Stabby~
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Been sitting on this for a while, I hope you guys like it


It’s cold and damp underneath the grass

It’s suffocating

It’s so hard to breath when you keep burying me

Not in dirt but words

Every time you say something to me , it feels like it gets harder to breathe

Your expectations crushing down on me

You put me in this grave

Too deep to see

I’m desperately trying to climb my way out

But I fall the more that you shout

You buried me here

Here in this cemetery

I fear that I’ll never get out

It feels like the whole world is out to get me

My thoughts, their words, it’s all so heavy

Then I look around and I’m not the only one here

What I’m seeing right now, it’s my greatest fear

There are tons of others that have been buried six feet deep

Were all drowning in this sea

It’s not so hard to see

But what can we do, what can we say

Is there anyway to get out of this place

It’s dark and cold as it swallows us whole

You were the ones who buried us in this hole

We keep on dying it’s scaring me

This world it’s people in the way we act

Are we going to ignore this crucial fact

There’s no one here to save us but ourselves

And too many are gone before they even get to see the light

I know I can’t save us all, but I won’t allow you to abandon your fight

It’s hard

This light, it keeps on getting dimmer

The chance of escape for us is getting slimmer

I know I’m not alone in this grave

We’re all here because of how people behave

We’re all struggling in this fight

Now it’s just up to you if you make it out alive

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