The Reef
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novice_key These were all originally my rap lyrics.
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Life is tough, but I still believe, that when I fall upon my knees, that's just another way of me being me.

The Reef

When I close my eyes,

I see a reef.

Full of colors,

That I can't reach.

Life is tough,

But I still believe:

That when I fall upon my knees,

That's just another way of me being me.

But the colors decide to tease me,

Ridicule the things that they see,

Pack me in the dangerous seas,

And leave me to rot permanently.

They're aware of my flaws:

That I can't swim,

Without the help of the red coat,

The floaties of sin.

They're aware of my fears:

Total abandonment.

People jumping to conclusions.

The sudden must,

To partake in,

Different steps I must commit'n.

The reef had sustained me in the same vicious cycle.

Repeating the same direction,

Until I find permission

To jump out of the loop and complete my own visions.

But why must I need to have agreement to make my decisions?

Why must I beg for anyone's pitiful forgiveness?

What's the point when we could just let it go.

Tear away the chains,

And finally exhale.

I open my eyes,

And count to ten,

And soon I'll find

The reality I'm in.

It's sucks and it's dark,

Gloomy and far,

But I know that if I try to picture the colors of the reef,

That I'll finally enter the Heaven I seek.

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