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novice_key These were all originally my rap lyrics.
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Some think music is always the answer. But it's not.

Music (Poem)

Someone once told me that music is the therapy to depression.

I thought this was the case for a while until I came to a termination.

Music, as great as it is, is nothing but words we mash into lyrics.

It never made me feel any better, it only made me feel that bit calmer.

A way to go through daily life despite the heartaches.

It helped me relax knowing that someone could understand what I couldn’t about my tension headaches.

It helped me know what were my issues,

Gave me another chance to be cured with something else other than tissues.

But as far as helping me feel more at ease for the person I am,

It did nothing to that dark place that I still stand.

I appreciate music,

I love music.

But don’t let it be your only course of action.

If I had it my way, music would be the complete antidote that stops these painful thoughts.

But unfortunately, there is no way music can be your savior of dialogue.

Music is just the temporary fix,

A coping mechanism that’s much better than violence to your skin.

And even sometimes, music can be the worst.

It can intoxicate your minds that everything is going to get worse.

Tunes such as “This is the story of a broken soul”

But that soul can be fixed,

It’s not a piece of paper that you have just ripped,

It’s a passion of living and being well.

You can be a bit broken,

But that doesn’t mean you can’t uprise from the ashes.

You’re like the phoenix forming from the flame.

All of this pain is your growing pains of your wings.

So the soul can be fixed, it’s not something you should give up on.

Don’t be the one to give up on yourself,

You need to have some more faith for your mental health.

So dare I say, music isn’t the cure,

But it is the thing that can convince you that you deserve so much more.

It may be uncomfortable to do what you must,

But I am not going to allow you to just be swept around like some dust.

So please, lower the volume on your headphones just a tad,

And let the wind blowing become your new music.

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