Light (Poem)
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novice_key These were all originally my rap lyrics.
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This is the life that I wanted, So come and confront it.

Light (Poem)

This is the life that I wanted,

So come and confront it.

Stop being so blind to the deadlines.

You can make it,

You just gotta take it, and stop being so unnecessarily scared of failing.

Because what is the point

To live

If you’re on your knees:

Taking the beatings and suffering the bleeding:

Confide in your thoughts, as they tell you to breathe deep,

And not confront the issues you’re dealing!

Take the deck of cards you have gotten,

Replace, re-stack, do anything but pick up another card from the pile of jokers.

Think of another way out other than quitting.

Because if you drag that knife in your skin,

Hoping that it will make it in your soul and correct the sins,

They will expand and blow up in your face.

Come on, come now, it’s the time to be brave.

Toss out the scissors and bring out the glue.

Pick up the shards that broke through,

It will take some time to get use to.

But don’t let it discourage you,

Because the light will come through.

Yes, the light is trying to get to you.

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