"It's Sweater Weather, Love" (Poem)
"It's Sweater Weather, Love" (Poem) sweaterweather stories

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"I see how you feel so distant today, Being stuck in Ohio can bring such an obscurity."

Inspired by "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood.

"It's Sweater Weather, Love" (Poem)

I see how you feel so distant today,

Being stuck in Ohio can bring such an obscurity.

The rain comes and next you see it's a freezing shine;

But once that blizzard hits I know that you know we will be just fine.

We walk down the bare streets as snow hits the concrete, reminisce.

Bundled up with scarves and hats and you look at me laughing noticing I had forgotten my mitts.

And something happened that night that I couldn't resist,

You grabbed my frozen hands and shared them in the holes of your sweatshirt saying,

"It's sweater weather, love."

You told me that the weather was too cold for me,

Yet this is what I always found to be homely.

The numbing sensation of pins and needles,

Sticking me each time with new malicious demons.

I feel as they tear into my bloodstream,

But some peculiar warmth comes after me,

And I find that you pulled me back in reality:

Deep breath in,

Deep breath out.

Seeing the starlit sky be filled with more white ghosts to write about.

The shiver goes down my spine as I feel your touch become alive.

And you say as you grab my hand,

"It's sweater weather, love."

One love, one house,

That's something we always fantasized about.

Dancing around with little care, no shirt, no blouse

And I swear the night I find you unprepared,

Searching for your missing mitt;

I will be there to yank your hands and pull them close,


"It's sweater weather, my love."

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