Here I Go... (Poem)
Here I Go... (Poem) poems stories

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They say "Hey mommy!" But she ain't looking at you. Stuck on her phone all because of the media,

Here I Go... (Poem)

I'm in my home

Although somehow I still feel homesick.

I shouldn't be this bothered by being alone,

I should be used to it.

After all, life's full of us misfits.

Our dreams being completely shattered all because of statistics.

In my empty house I stay,

No longer I decide to play this game.

I won't hold my own words back,

It's 'bout time I sit and relax.

Here I go...

It's useless: to be confined to the commons.

We shouldn't be duplicates,

We should shine bright like diamonds.

So much to offer,

So much to prove,

They say "Hey mommy!" But she ain't looking at you.

Stuck on her phone all because of the media.

Her eyes turning white from the glue on her criteria.

Empty promises filled with so much hope,

But reality comes crashing through like "Hell no."

It's hard to envision a life full of happiness,

When you rarely ever experience that type of ravenous.

The world plagued with this hatred as a passion.

Tolerance is no longer active.

We as society can't hold our words in our tongue

We as society must lash on back

All to prove that we can react

In a way violence is destined to play its track.

In my empty house I stay,

No longer apprehensive of my words.

I may be a bit afraid

But I know I'll be okay,

Here I go...

People shooting up schools all because they ain't got nothing better to do.

Pump up kids better keep their eye open tonight,

Because the underdogs are ready to take pistols to a fist fight.

Watch your words or someone's bound to get hurt

No longer a child's game instead it's the terrible reality of insanity.

I know stronger rules won't help as much as we all hope,

No matter what, guns will still roam.

All we can do is try our hardest,

Educate people and stop training savages.

To be honest I am getting so tired of repeating the same sh*t to everyone who seems to exist.

The new president, or so he says,

Gets me so pissed off in many different ways.

I don't give a d*mn if you support him or not,

I won't shove my beliefs onto you,

I don't want to,

I'm not here to convince you.

Just as you shouldn't do to me.

But as apart of Freedom of Speech:

That bigot is not my cup of tea.

It's although I am watching a drama series on the News every night.

I could write speeches upon speech,

But let me tone it down to just one piece:

We may be different heights but you ain't ever gonna change me.

In my empty house I stay,

I am not afraid to be brave,

My words will echo,

And then fade away.

I know where I stand,

In this god-forsaken place.

So go ahead:

Point the shame finger towards me,

But be aware that it won't do a thing.

Here I go.

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