Fallen Angel (Poem)
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novice_key These were all originally my rap lyrics.
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That I'll be in a dimension worth being up, but I fall constantly and let me be honest here, I've given up.

Fallen Angel (Poem)

Fallen angel,

That is I,

Never in a hundred years would I want to die.

It’s just these problems are becoming so much to bare.

My shoulders are becoming sore and stiff with all of these stairs.

The deformity of my wings are making me suffer,

As though life itself is wishing for my plunder.

I know that if I fly high enough,

That I’ll be in a dimension worth being up.

But I fall constantly and let me be honest here, I’ve given up.

But I don’t desire to have Hell demonize what’s left and corrupt.

Maybe one more try and I’ll irrupt,

Suddenly have the strength and confidence of a million dragons.

With that, I can face the fear of the gravel,

Being stagnant is not worth the haggle.

Fallen angel.

That is I,

I may be dark, but that’s only because I decided to hide.

The light inside of me may be hard to spy,

But with this little eye,

I can see the goodness in life.

Yet this light is so rare to come by,

For being a hybrid is what’s common.

We are all fallen angels bounded to the ground,

Some are just more lost and others were already found.

But for me, I may be haunted by the ground,

But the sky is limitless, I just need to lift out of these bounds.

My past mistakes shall not haunt me and trap me with fetters,

I’m getting tired of this neckbrace that restrains me from being any better.

I’ll cry and scream for someone to help me,

But it is I who needs to help me,

So I get off the ground, and tear off the seams,

This is not the end,

This is merely the beginning.

Fallen angel,

That is I,

I might be scarred,

But that’s no excuse to die.

I’ll claw my way out of this misery,

And forget all of those who weren’t there for me,

Because I am not set on following my destiny.

Fallen angel, that is I,

Yes it’s true, but today is the day I decide to fight.

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