Charm Bracelet (Poem)
Charm Bracelet (Poem) novice_key stories
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"She added a charm to her bracelet for every life she had taken."

Charm Bracelet (Poem)

She added a charm to her bracelet for every life she had taken.

The first was too innocent and clueless that death could be one's own chosen,

The second was sacrificing self from those that yelled and threw punches.

The third was the fearful one that was locked in monsters' rooms and under their sheets.

The fourth was a pathological liar capable of disaster,

The fifth discovered the act of harming oneself,

The sixth was a writer that tried everything they could to escape themselves,

The seventh was the one in denial that didn't look him in the eye months before he passed.

The eighth was bearing no confidence and quavered in silence.

The ninth was too loyal and fought too hard for too long only to get backstabbed by those they trusted.

But then came through the tenth victim;

The girl was in awe,

For once she could see the eyes of who she wanted to kill.

She gripped the knife tight but sweat ran down her temple.

Because she saw the soul and realized all of those she had killed

Were really her as she grew.

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