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The anger is taking over. I never wanted to yell, but it's like the world is getting colder.

Anger (Poem)

The anger is taking over.

I never wanted to yell,

But it’s like the world is getting colder.

My emotions are amplified times a thousand,

Just one sound gets me up shouting.

I’m sorry for all of the hurtful things I might have said,

It’s just taking over, the demons inside my head.

Friends and family help me cope with my anger and frustration,

Despite me hosting many invasions.

Yelling at them all because they want to help,

All of this anger tossed and shoved on the shelf.

I wanna be able to voice everything going on inside my mind,

But I feel like my insides are flammable to being this high.

I don’t deserve friends like these,

They stay around and won’t ever leave.

They are determined to stop the thoughts going on inside my head,

Why do they want to help someone who’s lost in the covers of their bed?

I can’t understand why they stay,

If it was me, I would’ve given up completely.

I can’t handle all of these.

I must have been mistaken for a pot of unwanted deeds.

These regrets are holding me down,

Whispering words that end up repeating out of my own mouth.

Phrases like,

“End it.”

“Give in.”

“You’re nothing but a bucket full of sin.”

Why can’t I hold my emotions in anymore?

I’ve did it when I was young, but now the chains are breaking forth.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for hurting anyone…

It’s getting so hard to breathe,

I am suffocating myself from all of the tears.

Both mine and the ones I have caused.

If I could, I would write millions upon millions of sorrys.

They won’t help but I feel as though I owe them.

You guys sacrificed so much just for a lost cause.

I’m sorry I didn’t take advantage of your advice.

I don’t want to give in,

But it’s like everything is getting worse.

I tried to distract myself,

But the curse is spreading.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for letting the anger take over once again.

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