the sunset of you
the sunset of you  starting over stories

novembernights ✰ baby writer and coffee enthusiast
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the sun shines without you

the sunset of you

the walls in this house

that once creaked your name

in lonely senseless rhythms

are quiet now.

the pages in my journal

that once whispered repetitive thoughts of you

are blank

awaiting something new

with nothing to say about you.

everything I gave you

my heart

my secrets

my interests

my poems

i’m taking them back.

you no longer own any part of me

you no longer control my smile

or my heartbeat.

so this is the last I will speak of you

the last time you will flutter into my mind

you will fade away like the day into the night

but when the sun rises again

you will not be there

because the sun shines without you

in fact

it shines even brighter.

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