The other girls
The other girls  sad stories

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I like being my own person most of the time.

The other girls

Most of the time

I am glad to be different than everyone else.

I enjoy having my own little quirks that no one else shares.

I like to look at the other girls my age

who have no mind of their own

and think that no one else besides themselves exist in the world

and not have much in common with them.

I am glad to be different.

But there are times

when I see how easy it is for them to talk to you

and flirt

and interact with people without worry

or anxiety

and it makes me rethink being content with my differences.

I see their perfect skin

and their lack of sadness for no reason.

I begin to see

guys like you don’t fall for girls like me.

you fall for the other girls.

I dont blame you.

They are so much simpler and easier to understand.

My mind is full of tangled strings

and thoughts that would scare most people away.

I don’t feel the same as most people do

because I either feel everything all at once in a blur of emotions

or I feel nothing at all.

I’m glad to be my own person

and to not blend in so easily with the typical color.

but sometimes

when I’m overwhelmed by thoughts of you

I wish I could be like all the other girls.

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