The Greatest Secret
The Greatest Secret  sad stories

novembernights ✰ baby writer and coffee enthusiast
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She’s his greatest secret

The Greatest Secret

He lives in his own world

but people are constantly knocking at the doors trying to break in.

They don’t want to live in his world.

They want to change it

into something they want to see.

And his mother introduces him to a girl who she hopes will break down those doors

and keep him in her unknowingly harsh restraints

and she’s all the things a girl should be

but nothing that he wants.

His mother doesn’t know

that he’s already found a girl

who he loves from inside his unexplored world

a world of dreams and fantasy

that no one else could ever understand

until he stumbled across her pale green eyes

that looked right into his world

and saw the imperfections

but instead of trying to fix them

she welcomed them beside her own faults.

He had never known that someone else could live in his world

and understand it.

But there are too many forces trying to pull the girl away from him.

so for now

she stays his greatest secret

and what that boy doesn’t know

is that he is also hers.

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