The Artist and The Writer
The Artist and The Writer  art stories

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This is something different. I combined two poems into one. This is my first try at something like this but it was fun! :)

The Artist and The Writer

The Artist.

He’s an artist.

She always knew from the creative look in his brown eyes

that seems to see everything in the world as his own canvas.

He has that breezy September spirit

and that fresh promise of autumn.

He has the power to draw realities in his fingertips

but he lives in a word far from the actuality of life

so he only draws daydreams

that are nothing more than whispers never heard by anything but the wind.

The Writer.

She’s a writer.

She sees a story in every person

and in every person the hope for a happy ending.

She is hidden away from everything except an old brown journal

that knows her soul like nothing else.

She has that fresh June smile

that has withstood the April storms.

Her mind is full of chaos from different worlds all unfolding at once

and it is too much for one person alone.

He tried to draw her like one of his distant daydreams

And she tried to write him like one of her poetic stories

Both of them forgetting that people cannot be daydreams

or stories.

A person simply cannot be more

than a person.

And that is the saddest ending of them all.

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