My Wattpad Life
My Wattpad Life
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Wattpad, also known as my life.

My Wattpad Life

by Nicola Uy

Hey, guys. I'm RealisticWriting from Wattpad.

Since I was young, I have loved writing. Wattpad makes it a dream come true.

I've been on Wattpad since I was ten.

Crazy, right? I was underage. Well, you know what they say, the early bird gets the worm.

I have a number of stories which I update regularly.

My most read story had half a million reads. That's right. I deleted it, because it was not up to the game and tried something new.

Two years later, I changed my writing genre.

Right now, I write Teen Fiction. As in pure, emotional heartbreak. This is what I love to do. Thank you, Wattpad, for giving me amazing opportunities.

Links and Stuff

If you want to check out my Wattpad, go to: Thanks for reading, bye! :)

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