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He drove you mad, he left you.
He made your heart flutter like never before for the first time.
Then chaos erupted and he left you wrecked.
But his intoxicating grin will haunt you, forever more.


We were once young, wild and oblivious.

You once told me you loved me

As if there’s a gust of wind, I was swept off my feet

Then there I was in your loving arms

With my mind on cloud nine

You were mine and I was yours

Dreamy glances, rosy cheeks

Whispers of sweet nothings

You told me you only wanted me

We danced minuet under the moonlight

as the scintillating stars laid the pathway

But then rain clouds fogged our minds

with thunderbolts gathered in our hearts

Suspicion, jealousy brewed as silence shrouded

I tried reaching out, but you left me wrecked

Glances of cold contempt was all you ever gave

Tears choking down my throat, my voice hoarse

Countless restless nights, hollow chest

As though thorns had sprang out from your intoxicating smile

As though your sweet talks were lullabies to lull me to my downfall

Trying to wake up from this nightmare is futile

You will haunt me in my dreams,

till death do us part.

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