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As if he was a mirage, he stumbled upon my life.
He drew me in, and he got me bad.


He was a cluster of mirage.

With his pale, nonchalant face he was like a figment of my hallucination who could vanish into the thin air whenever he wants.

He doesn’t give a damn about everything or anything, unless he really cares.

One day, he stumbled upon my life.

With his head low, with a nonchalant demeanor. He walked into the room and caught my eye.

He got me bad.

I could peer into his wide, brown orbs all day and do nothing at all.

I could get lost in the labyrinth of his trying to sort out that mystery of his.

Or pluck out all the flower petals as if I’m a lovesick teenage girl just to give myself some false hope.

He likes me, he likes me not.

He drives me crazy.

He sends electrifying jolts up my spine whenever I see his pretty face.

He paralyses my senses and make me unable to spout words from my lips.

He makes my adrenaline rush.

He makes butterflies flutter upon the pit of my stomach

As if I was on a roller coaster,

He could fly me to the moon with that intoxicating smirk of his

Or make me hit the rock bottom with his stone cold demeanor

Every time I tried to draw back in reluctance

He could effortlessly lure me in with his mesmerizing, absent minded gaze

I had my hands up in the air, but nothing could do

He is hands down the victor in this tug of war

He made me feel as if I’m nothing but a speck of dust

I was nothing but a statue in front of him

Unable to speak

Unable to look him in the eye

Unable to feign ignorance

This is not something that I could simply dust off my shoulder

as I mouthed “I don’t care” and simply walk off

This is something that I couldn’t put into words

This is something that I could never let him know

Not with this intense, growing bittersweet sensation that I couldn’t heave off my chest that easily

“I like him,” said as I mouthed the words to myself almost inaudibly.

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