The Other Man
The Other Man trump stories

novawitch Community member
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Why do we have an other? Who is your brother?
Reach out a hand
Erase the lines in the sand

The Other Man

Look at this place See their faces Never be the same Let's blame The other man While we can Say he's brown Just to keep him down Never let him breathe again Or defend

His children That we imprison Without hope When they can't cope Being ripped from their mothers Sleeping under aluminum covers Surrounded by wire And suffering 45 kinds of ire

As they die all alone Just have to send them home To war and poverty and violence Because we won't take a stance and say They aren't rapists or murderers They are mothers and fathers Running with hope in their eyes That just dies Washed from their faces As the tears replace

The smiles After walking for hundreds of miles How can we do this Again Over and over History repeating Tell the Japanese or the Jews That this is something new That we've never done this before

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