My Little Big Man
My Little Big Man son stories

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My Little Big Man

Say goodnight one last time Dream of happier days in the sunshine Laughing and playing together In the misty dawns of forever Do you think of those days And all the little ways

we said I love you wordlessly with hugs and kisses and bandaged knees Watching you grow and become more Than I ever dreamed or hoped for Has been my greatest joy for my little man, my wonderous boy

All the times you grin or smile Carries me for uncounted miles I love you Ashton Kyle And always will while I draw breath and look in your eyes Hearing your sleeping mumbles and sighs

As I lean over you slumbering now And caress your unfurrowed brow Whisper in your ear I will always love you, never fear For I'll be there when you waken Until I'm taken

From this mortal plane And on that day Your mommy will hold you tight And let you know everything will be alright And it will be you know Because I'll be with you, where you go

In your heart and all your memories In your actions and all your deeds I love you big man

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