I Miss You Mom
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novawitch Community member
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A friend's dad passed away in the last few days, and she is going through a really hard time of it right now, and it made me really miss my mom, especially because of her birthday having just passed. I'm trying very hard to stay positive and move forward and express myself in positive ways, but sometimes it's just hard.

I Miss You Mom

Mom I miss you I'll never stop looking too For your shining light And hear your voice say goodnight I turn to tell you things Before I remember to think And you're not there So I whisper it to the air

I call you up a thousand times In my head and in my mind I say good night and good morning Because I know your spirit is soaring You are beyond the pain and fight But you are also not there to teach me what's right

I miss you mom And wish you mom were still here So I could hear Your laugh

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