I can breathe
I can breathe trump stories

novawitch Community member
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I get so mad at the world we live in, thinking about the one that we should live in, if we could live in an alternate reality, if only we could still dream, without the nightmares.

I can breathe

i can't breathe except I can because I'm not a black man selling single cigarettes on the street

Or a little girl just trying to help her mom make ends meet Not a 12 year old playing in the park supposed to be home before dark

Walking down my block Eating skittles and drinking tea When a racist with a glock decides to take my life or getting murdered in a parking lot right in front of my kids and wife

I can't relate And I don't want to know to be the late so and so I just want to go home at the end of the day

but so did they

what makes me special what did I do right why is it so wrong to not be white and look like me and him and her and all of them


In America we live in a land led by a man that won't take a stand against a dictator

but will yell at Iran and yeah they do fucked up shit but Obama had contained it Gave us room to breathe but he was black you see so Trump couldn't let it ride how many more from the Middle East

Have to die.

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