Lustful Intentions & Double Standards
Lustful Intentions & Double Standards girl power stories

notvillain hormonal mess
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Lustful Intentions & Double Standards

by notvillain

Upon first meeting we will be on a first name basis We will merely talk about impersonal details

Her family will not be mentioned And neither will the meanings behind the names of my pets She will not know my favourite colour or where I prefer to eat

But later she will know my safeword And how I like to be fucked

She will tie me down in the literal sense of the phrase But she will not see me in my collar Because I am a stray and this woman cannot become my owner

My biting will be lustful for her and her scratching will be the same for me There will be no romance or dramatic gestures

And at the end of the night or the next morning I will not leave my number and I will not feel that guilt Because she wouldn't call me anyway

I will feel content and possibly more confident Then I will want to tell everyone to either impress or strike jealousy But I won't because the word 'slut' is thrown around too much these days

And I can't deal with that hassle.

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