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I had a lot of dreams since I was young. Maybe because I like to explore each option I have and then decide what's for me and what's not. And regrets aren't my thing.

Thank you so much, Val (@dawnvalley) for asking me to do this! I really loved writing it and I am looking forward to what everyone else has to share. Sorry if it's a bit long.

You see, when I was younger, I used to think "when I grow up, I will be a doctor."

This, 'I'll be a doctor' phase went for quite a long time. I used to write Dr. before my name and wear dad's white shirts for an extra effect.

I had a plastic 'doctor's kit' set and I liked to give everyone injections whether they had a headache or they hit their funnybones.

Then, middle school happened and at once everyone wanted to look cool.

I loved reading mystery books, watching detective TV shows and I had a big urge to become a private investigator.

I literally made one of those Identity cards they show to people and I had pasted a really cringe-worthy picture of mine, the one with the blue background!

On top of it, it had 'Private Detective Agency' written on it in large fonts.

I said once to my friends that the first thing I'd like to buy with my salary was a pistol, so I could finally be a real detective!

Then one day, my mother cut her finger while chopping vegetable. Mum called me to bring ice from the fridge.

I went to her taking the ice and saw a drop of blood on her finger.

I fainted.

As I hit the floor, my right shoulder joint cracked.

I was so embarrassed by this fact, I told everybody that I slipped on a wet floor, but I never told the real reason.

Then I knew, I could never, ever be a doctor or a detective or anything that involves bloody activities.

But it's not like I am afraid of blood. I mean, if I was, then I would have fainted every month which I don't.

It's just, seeing others' blood effects me, not my own.

I never wanted to be a teacher. Because sometimes I can't understand things on my own, so I couldn't make anyone understand anything.

Then I wanted to study hotel management because I really liked cooking. I still do. But I got to know that studying hotel management does not mean you can be a chef.

You could be hotel stuff too. Which honestly, I didn't want to be. Cleaning hotel rooms or be shouted at when the room service is not good, I didn't quite like the idea. I still don't.

For a long time, I was thinking of studying something that would let me do a job that I am good at or I like.

I like watching movies. I am practically a movie buff. Luckily my parents never restricted me about how many movies I could watch, so I run a marathon.

I've watched so many movies, even movies in a language I don't understand. But that's the power of cinema, you can understand it, language isn't a barrier.

I love working with cameras, and someday if I can, I'd love to show everyone the way I see the world. But studying 'Direction' is costly.

Then I thought about Engineering. But turned out I suck at Chemistry and Physics doesn't like me either. So no, no engineering for me.

Fortunately, my Maths is kind of good and I love to draw and make things since I was young. I finally knew what I wanted to do. It's like finding 'The perfect one' and falling in love!

I'll be studying Architecture for the next five years, my classes are starting from the next week and I can't wait!

I can't wait to see the gorgeous architectural monuments around the world. I'll start with my own country because India is so diverse,

it is a perfect blend of architecture and culture from all over the world! Maybe someday, I'll make something too which will stand tall for ages.

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