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Rachel reads her best friend her horoscope. What does it say?


There was a time when my best friend Rachel was extremely obsessed with horoscopes.

And she used to read those 'Today's fortune' and ask around everyone's zodiac sign.

Trust me, it was extremely annoying.

One day, when she came to pick me up for school, I saw her grinning from ear to ear when she saw me.

"Where did grumpy go?" I asked raising my eyebrow. She likes to sleep a little too much, of course I was worried.

She rolled her eyes and smiled mischievously, "I have a news for you!"

"What did you do this time?", oh no. Now I was worried. Last time she was this happy when she dumped her ex-boyfriend and wrote 'Cheater Peter' on his locker and his desk.

"Nah, it's not about me. It's about YOU! Look at this." She searched her bag and pulled out a magazine.

"No. No, I am not doing this." I shook my head vigorously and started walking away from her. Did she really think I would listen to her horoscope rant first thing in the morning?

She ignored me, "Shut up, listen to this," and started reading, "Today's Aries, You'll meet someone, very special", she wiggled her eyebrows at that, "and you'll love them with all of your heart."

"Seriously? This is all you are so excited about?" I asked her, shaking my head in disbelief.

"Why not?"

"Because that will never happen," I stated. "Besides, Jake is so into his girlfriend, he'll never look at me," I said looking at her, "let alone 'love'."

She raised her eyebrow, "Hold on, when did I say anything about Jake?"

Oh, right.

We saw a dog playing with her puppies across the road. I had a dog, he died last year. I couldn't eat or sleep for days.

He was my only companion besides Rachel who would listen to me whenever I needed to talk.

Yes. It may sound weird, but I talked to my dog.

So after he died, I decided to never have a pet again. It hurts too much when they die.

We entered school and saw Jake practically swallowing his girlfriend.

"There you go, your lover boy." Rachel said, "so do you feel anything? Fluttering of heart? Butterflies in your stomach?"

I narrowed my eyes at her, "He is not my lover boy."

Despite my lack of interest in Rachel's horoscope, I was feeling a bit rejected, even though he didn't know about my crush on him in the first place. Was I actually considering it?

I imagined Jake swallowing my face instead of hers. Yikes. Never.

After school ended, me and Rachel were walking home and I was saying her how horoscopes and all that stuff are practically rubbish and she should not waste her time by reading them.

Then suddenly we heard a screeching of tires ahead of us. We ran towards the source of the sound.

A puppy was crouching in front of a car and it was so terrified, it was shaking badly. On the other side of the road, two more puppies and a dog was barking excessively.

A car stood there and Jake got out of it.

I ran towards the puppy and picked him in my arms. The front right leg was bleeding a little but no other harm was done.

I carefully passed it to Rachel and went to speak to Jake.

I was so angry at him. What was he doing? How bad driver was he that he couldn't see the road clearly in broad daylight?

I was so mad I started shouting at him, but he didn't look sorry at all.

"He could have died!" I said.

"But he didn't die, did he?" He countered. Instead, he said, the puppy was lucky he didn't get killed.

I couldn't believe my own ears. That was the person whom I had a crush on. I was angry.

Turns out, he was texting on his phone while driving and didn't notice it come in front of his car.

Rachel had put the puppy down and the dogs had stop barking. The dogs were sniffing him. I had the vet's number on my phone. I called him.

He lived nearby so it didn't take too much for him to come. He treated him as we stood there and saw. Later he gave me some medicines and told me to gave him.

It wasn't difficult for me as I could see my house from there.

I spend the next week treating him whenever I can.

Talk about my dog love. He grew on me in no time. I could barely spend one day without seeing him. Then I started speaking to my dogs as I did with my first one.

Because 'Happiness is a warm puppy"! And my dog had more Instagram followers than me.

He was so closely attached to me he would wiggle his tail and lick me every time. And at night four dogs slept at our front porch.

Later one day Rachel said that she was right about my horoscope that day. I definitely found someone special whom I love with all of my heart.

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