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This is #onefact about me. And in case you are reading it, I hope you stick till the end. Maybe you'll find something interesting. :)


In case you're wondering, yup, I made this. Two Diwalis ago.

For the rest of it, you can look at the pizza here and increase your appetite. Thank you @kaylynn for starting this cool trend on Commaful and the responses to this are HUGE!

All of you who have decided to participate, I am glad you did because it gives me the chance to get to know you better even if you are behind a screen! :)

And I encourage all of you who haven't participated yet, please do and let us know a/many fact(s) about you :)

I don't know how interesting I am as a person because I clearly remember one of my friends complaining "Gawd, don't bore me!"

Still, I wanted to participate since that so-called friend is a past tense and I don't think he is an epitome of a judge.

Huh! Anyway, this post isn't about his small brain so I'll proceed with my fact-

me: Why is my name Jane Mitter?

you: well, duh! Because your parents named you so.

me: wrong answer. Because I named me so.

Jane Mitter is pen name or pseudonym, whatever you want to call it.

you: what is your real name?

me: let's just not worry about that. Saving it up of later ;)

So back to my question. Why is my name Jane Mitter?

Because my life is basically fandom. 'Jane' because of Jane Austen. It's obvious because I couldn't resist sharing the same name :) and 'Mitter' because of a fictional character.

Bengali literature has given the world so many fascinating authors, books are characters to dive into and if someone is talking about it, they cannot and possibly won't exclude Satyajit Ray.

If you think you have heard his name somewhere that's probably because he was an Oscar-winning film-maker, but he was way more than that.

He was a film-maker, music composer, singer, artist and an author. And he is considered one of the greatest filmmakers and authors of all time.

He created the phenomenal detective 'Feluda' series among several others, like 'Professor Shonku'.

Not to mention Ray is one of my favourite authors and 'Feluda' is for what I started reading story books. His real name is Prodosh Chandra Mitra a.k.a P. C. Mitter (the Anglicised version of 'Mitra') and he is one of the greatest detectives to ever exist.

Trust me when I say so cause I read a lot so my opinions aren't biased.

I always wanted to become a detective like him and he is the reason I am really observant as a person.

But since becoming a detective didn't happen, why not take his surname and make it more mysterious? ;)

And for a matter of fact, Feluda is the first fictional character I crushed on. So he is kind of important to me.

And almost everything inspires me. I get inspired a lot so my life is basically a fandom and I am just another fan who cherishes it.

So here you go. That's the story behind my pen name, I hope you find this fact interesting. And if you are bored I am so sorry for wasting your time, please let me know.

I'll delete it before I waste too many times. :) And if you want to know more facts about me let me know that too. Who knows, maybe you'll find me interesting! :D And I think I plan too share more.

Thanks for reading! :D

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