Frustration frustration everywhere, peace is not in sight.
Frustration frustration everywhere, 
peace is not in sight.

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This post is originally written by Aindrila Basu who happen to be my extremely lazy sister. So lazy that she refused to post it on her account. Please help me spread these thoughts. Thank you.

Frustration frustration everywhere, peace is not in sight.

Guyssss!!! I promise I'll catch up with you later, but first I want you guys to read this.

This post is originally written by my sister. She is currently in her final year in school and she is frustrated with the education system in our country, and so poured out her grievances.

Though, this is not written by me, this post is extremely essential.

Though, this is not written by me, this post is extremely essential So, without adding anything else here, I'll let you read.


Firstly, I think it's common in all Asian countries for your family to be disappointed in you if you choose not to be a doctor or an engineer. It's very common in India, at least.

That's numero uno. Now comes what happens in the final four years of your school.

In ninth grade you are expected to choose what you want to do in life, and that too from a very limited range of subjects.

How can a 14/15 year old be expected to take such a huge decision when in reality they still have to ask the teacher for using the washroom, like a child?

We have three streams of courses to choose from- humanities subjects, science subjects and commercial subjects. And once you choose, you can't change, even if you lose interest.

And you can't take history with physics, or psychology with economics- it's all very restricted. I love history but I couldn't pick it as one of my subjects because I chose science.

That's so unfair. I don't think this happens in any other country.

We aren't given the chance to explore a variety of subjects at once, which limits our options regarding what we want to do in our lives.

Streams other than science are not given much importance because you're usually thought to be stupid if you're not good in science and math.

So, many students are pressurised into studying science, which leads me to my next point.

If you take up science, you're automatically expected to be an engineer or a doctor.

So students who actually don't have an aptitude for science (but they're good in other fields for sure) end up choosing it due to peer pressure, and ultimately fail.

The entrance exams for engineering and medical institutions in our country is really tough, and not all are equipped with the skills to pass with flying colours.

And that's totally all right because it isn't a measure of your capability because you might be good in other fields,

but no one can change the Indian mindset that not being good in science puts a full stop to your life and career.

There's a city in our country called Kota, and it's a literal factory which trains thousands of students every year to clear the entrance exam which I mentioned earlier.

The city is full of numerous training institutes, hostels, and paying guest houses.

The only advertisement you see there on billboards are of toppers who have passed out from the said institutes.

Believe me when I say it's a "factory"- students work mechanically on their preparation all day.

They are not allowed to use any electronic gadgets when they're studying, or indulge in any form of entertainment.

All work is done on pen and paper, and teachers are available 24/7 so that you don't complain about needing the internet.

Now parents dump their high expectations on their children and send them to Kota, but a huge number of them cannot cope with the pressure, and ultimately kill themselves.

The suicide rate in Kota is increasing day by day.

It's so shameful that the hostel management authorities in Kota are now removing fans and installing air conditioning systems everywhere so that students don't find the means

to hang themselves- I heard about this "development" recently.

Instead of trying to change the mentality of people (because the root cause of the rising popularity of Kota is the baseless and meaningless mindset that other streams are not an option),

this is the step they've chosen. *slow claps*

It's a similar scenario for students who want to be an engineer but didn't go to Kota, like myself. The amount of pressure that is put on us is unbelievable.

There is hardly any room for recreation or extra curriculars. The lives of Indian students is really pathetic- we are missing out on the best years.

It's kind of hard for someone to understand who hasn't had an experience firsthand, but I tried to explain it in the best way possible.

All I ask for is a reform in the system- education shouldn't be a burden, and it shouldn't make us want to end our lives.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know in the comments what you guys think! Love, Jane.

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