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Witness a deadly battle between a couple. Stick till the end! :)

Deadly Battle

Searching for twenty minutes, with my hands, with my eyes,

"God, you must be jokin'!", I shout, "WHERE IS MY TIE?!"

Footsteps come running upstairs, turning around I see

Ruffled hair, puffy eyes, she asks, "Where did you put the keys?"

Huffing I say, "I asked first, do you know where it is? "

Pointing right beside me on the bed, "Can't you see this?"

Blood rushing, cheeks reddening, trying my face to hide,

"Umm...keys... in the drawer. On the left side."

She starts leaving, I say, "wait, I am sorry for last night,

I didn't mean to call you crazy. I didn't mean to fight."

Tears drop, wetting her cheeks, wiping them she says,

"Last night, the shaving cream... I didn't mean to spray,

all over your face, all over your hair, you could have become bald!

and your moustache, I am so sorry! This is all my fault."

Touching my face, I feel, just below my nose,

sighing I think, I'll be relieved, the faster it grows.

Not showing in front of her, not wanting to fight,

I say, "try to spray something else next time,

moustache doesn't grow overnight."

"Fine," she says, leaving the room, in me, anger boils,

I want revenge, smirking I think, revenge will be nice...

Dangerous, a treacherous act, I plan in my mind,

"Someday I'll shave your head in the middle of the night!"

10 years later...

That day hasn't come yet.

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