A Thank You Note
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notsugarcoating A burrito ate me
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A thank you note to all of you who supported me from the beginning of universe! just kidding:)

A Thank You Note

My post 'A Teenage Zombie' has 50+ likes! YAY!

Honestly, I didn't expect any reads at all but some wonderful people on Commaful decided to give it a chance and made my day awesome.

(side note: don't freak out if you see the word 'awesome' too many times.)

First I like to thank the whole Commaful community for giving such an awesome place to the new writers like me.

I personally feel very conscious before posting anything.

But seeing other writers' work here gives me so much inspiration to stop feeling conscious and write how I like it because consciousness affects the flow of writing.

Thank you @sydney for welcoming me so warmly and helping me even after I wanted to delete my account at first. And now I think, thinking of deleting my account was not such a great idea.

@sydney you are AWESOME! :)

Thank you @no_hipocrisy for motivating me almost every second. You keep encouraging me whenever I feel low and you keep helping me out though you are extremely busy with your high school.

@no_hipocrisy you are AWESOME! :)

Thank you @skye for deciding to read my story when no one else was doing and giving me a shout out. I can't express how much it means to me.

This is not my best work but you still encouraged me to keep writing and I just adore you for that.

And just because of you I want to visit Minnesota so badly! @skye, you are super AWESOME! :)

Thank you @stevewaldrop for reading and loving my writing.

Your works give me a lot of inspirations and getting an appreciation from you on my writing is all I could ever ask for! @stevewaldrop, you are AWESOME! :)

Thank you @stadarooni for giving me a 2nd shout out! I can't thank you enough for the motivation you gave me. And I just realised that I love those #onefact about you. Thank you so much Alex.

You are AWESOME! :)

Thank you @kianamp, your motivation and comment just made my day. You are AWESOME! :)


That was quite long. I hope I didn't bore you. This is honestly too much happiness for one day!! I am on cloud nine and plan to tap dance for a while now. :)

Sending virtual hugs to all of you! <3

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