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On today's prompt 'dislike'.
If you want to participate on the #somemoments prompt tag #somemoments or type @notsugarcoating (my username) in the comment section! :)

| To Whom It May Concern |

No, I don't hate you.

I just don't like you anymore.

I thought you'd be my friend,

guess I thought wrong.

But for the small amount of time, when you were my friend, I just want to say, thank you.

For being there.

Thank you for those memories, I wish I could write down.

Maybe someday I will. It will be a good book.

Thank you for all the fun we had together. Me, you, our friends, now it seems like a dream.

Thank you for wearing that black t-shirt. You knew I liked to see you in that.

You put up with me. My frustrations,

my anger,

my craziness,

my fangirl moments.

Thanks for all of that.

Thanks for not pushing me away when I told you my feelings,

though you never had.

Instead, you became my best friend and I still love you for that.

Thanks for buying me limitless ice-creams and never asking me to share.

You knew I'll curse you.

Thanks for telling me, "Don't change. Ever."

I am still smiling, see? Remembering all this.

Then, what happened between us?

Where did 'we' go?

You changed.

You didn't want me around anymore.

You hurt me, again and again, till I couldn't take it anymore. Then finally left me, alone.

Sleepless nights.

Countless tears.

Ghost memories.


You made me face it all.

But I like you as a sweet memory, not a bitter one. So, not anymore.

Took me a long time to decide. But I don't like you anymore.

Because this is not the same you I fell for.

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