Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day poem for a contest stories

notexactlyhuman We have WiFi on Mars. You coming?
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poem for a contest. hope you enjoy!!!

Valentine's Day

For the hope that never dies,

For the love that never lies,

To keep wishing for the one,

That sets her heart on the run.

One day he'll come,

To leave her body numb,

Here's to those who are kind,

The world salutes your great mind.

But what happens when he does not appear?

The fog descends, the sky's unclear,

Lonely and unwanted, she weeps,

Into her heart the sadness seeps.

A withered rose,

The choice he chose,

Shattered her heart,

And tore her life apart.

She dreaded Valentine's Day,

When her love ran away,

But someone hands her,

A handwritten letter.

They walk, hand in hand,

Leaving footprints in the sand,

He will never leave,

And she shall no longer grieve.

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