Shapeshifter: Chapter 3
Shapeshifter: Chapter 3 magic stories

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Will Lokeih, Frankie and Kita make it out alive?

Shapeshifter: Chapter 3

Suddenly there was a penetrating scream and Doctor Smith frowned. He dropped the scalpel onto a metal tray and hurried out the room. Lokeih thought quickly and took the opportunity to escape. She glanced round and saw a vent.

Lokeih gritted her teeth and transformed into a rat again. She wriggled free of her shackles and began climbing through the vent.

Lokeih came across the room where Frankie was being held. It turned out it was she who had screamed. Lokeih then realised Frankie had gone inside her mind and saw she needed help. Lokeih wished there was a way she could thank her.

She continued down the vent and arrived at Kita's room, where she was being supervised by two guards. Lokeih let out a squeak so quiet she feared Kita wouldn't hear. But she did. She turned her head ever so slightly and caught Lokeih's eye. Lokeih wriggled her rat tail a little bit, signaling for Kita to turn invisible.

The guards stared in shock as their prisoner disappeared. They quickly recovered and one whipped out his walkie talkie. "Boss!" he said frantically. "The Phantom has escaped. " "I thought those shackles would stop her from turning invisible?" came Doctor Smith's crackled reply. "You must've got your calculations wrong, sir," the guard said nervously.

"I am never wrong, you blundering idiot!" Doctor Smith roared, making both guards wince. "Her shackles mustn't have been tight enough. Find her before she can cause any damage..."

"Where's Frankie?" Kita hissed as she and Lokeih crawled through the vent. Lokeih had returned to her normal appearance. Lokeih glanced at Kita guiltily. "She's still in her room. She must've read my mind and saw I needed help so she caused a distraction. I don't know if we can save her."

Kita stared at her, dumbfounded. Then she nodded and blinked back tears. She took a deep breath. "Let's go." They crawled through the vent for what seemed like forever. Finally they reached an opening.

"We just need to get past those security guards," Kita said, pointing. "Oh, and the electric fence." Lokeih grinned. "Shouldn't be too hard. You cause a distraction and I'll find a way to open the gates." Kita nodded. "Let's go."

She turned invisible and snuck up on the guards. They whirled round in surprise just as Kita grabbed one of their guns and shot them down. "Two down," she muttered and glanced at the horde of guards racing toward her. "About twenty more to go."

Lokeih shapeshifted into some water and trickled past the fallen guards. She eventually made it to the control tower and transformed into a spider. Then she climbed up the walls.

"Hurry up, Lokeih," Kita muttered impatiently as she fought off the guards. More and more appeared and Kita was helplessly outnumbered. One guard drew a snub nosed gun and shot blindly. A bolt of lightning hit Kita in the chest and she became visible.

"Nononono," she said and frantically tried to turn herself invisble again. But the bolt of lightning had pinned her down, numbing her whole body. Kita squeezed her eyes shut and prepared for the deathly bullet.

Lokeih transformed into a tiger and swiftly took down the guard manning the control tower. She transformed back and grinned. Lokeih pressed the controls that opened the gate and glanced back down to signal to Kita.

"Kita?" Lokeih stared wide eyed. Her Phantom friend was crumpled in the ground, blood seeping from her head. "No," Lokeih moaned and tears rolled down her cheeks. "No." Just then the guards spotted her and began firing. Lokeih, dazed, scrambled down the tower, barely dodging the bullets. She staggered across the ground toward the open gates.

Then she realised what was happening and transformed into a cheetah, swiftly running toward the gates. "Stun her!" one guard yelled. The guards raised their snub nosed pistols and aimed at Lokeih.

Lokeih dared to glance back. The guards were gaining on her. She was just ten metres away from the gate. She could make it. Suddenly, a zap of lightning hit her hind leg and she crumpled to the ground, transforming back into a human.

There's no escaping Death, Lokeih thought as the guards surrounded her, their guns raised. And being different didn't help either. Lokeih embraced the sound of bullets as she flopped to the ground, blood flowing from her chest.

This is the final chapter in my Shapeshifter series and previous chapters will be linked in the comments. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Peace out - Luanna

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