Rhythm Plus Part 3: The Small Group Competition
Rhythm Plus Part 3: The Small Group Competition sim stories

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Part 3!!!

Rhythm Plus Part 3: The Small Group Competition

Today was the day of the small group competition and everyone was buzzing with excitement.

Akira, Six, Ash, Liz and Skylar were busy doing last minute rehearsing before the competition.

Just then, two people from a rival studio walked in. "So, you're from Rhythm Plus?" one said. "Yes," Liz said confidently. The two people smirked. "We're from Elite Step, and we're gonna crush you guys." "No, you're not." Skylar stepped forward.

The people from Elite Step laughed and walked away. "We're are so gonna beat them," Skylar said fiercely. "Let's get back to rehearsing," Ash suggested nervously. She really hoped they would beat Elite Step.

"You've got this, guys," Jared whispered as the group walked onto the stage. "Yeah, just don't fall off the stage," Alma Rose giggled. Jared frowned at her.

Liz, Ash, Skylar, Six and Akira started dancing their routine. It was practically flawless! It included everyone's strongest styles and merged it into one epic dance. The audience and judges applauded.

Up next was Elite Step. They were doing an acro routine. "Their technique is flawless! There's no way we're going to beat them," Roxi said, gaping. "Relax!" Bailey told her. "We've got this." "Bailey's right," Jared said. "Elite Step may be killing it, but there's no way they're going to beat us."

"But look," Ryker pointed, "They can do all those awesome tricks that we can't." "I'm sorry, guys, if I hadn't messed up on that lift, we might actually have more of a chance at winning this," Ash said sadly. She wished she wasn't so clumsy. "Don't worry, I'm sure no one noticed," said Roxi loyally. She understood Ash as she was sometimes clumsy herself.

"We better win this thing," Neena muttered but nobody heard her. Elite Step got a standing ovation once they finished their routine.

Everyone waited nervously for the judges to decide who was going to win. "Time for us to destroy you," a member of Elite Step muttered to the members of Rhythm Plus. Liz rolled her eyes. "Don't be stupid. There's no way you'll beat us."

"In third place of the small group competition is... Dance Flare!" The audience applauded but that only made Asher even more nervous. What if they didn't even make it into the top three? Akira noticed how anxious Asher looked and squeezed his hand reassuringly. Asher's heart fluttered.

"And in second place is... Flow!" The audience applauded and Alma Rose grinned. "That probably means we've won," she said.

"And the winner of the small group competition is...

Elite Step!"

Elite Step jumped up and down and went to get excitedly. "What did we tell you, noobs?" one hissed as he walked past them.

Everyone in Rhythm Plus felt so defeated. Their first ever competition as a team and they lost it. They didn't even make it to the top three. They all went home sadly.

Akira and Six approached Asher. Akira said something to him in sign language and Asher looked at Six for a translation. "He's asking if you want to hang out with us tomorrow," Six informed him. Asher grinned. "Sure!"

And that's the end of Part 3. Sorry it was so short but I have writer's block right now. That means Part 4 might not be out for a few days. Also, thanks to @rogueraven for creating Elite Step. I think they're going to create a sim for it that will coincide with this sim, so stay tuned!

Peace out - Luanna P.S Like the new Rhythm Plus logo?

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