Resurgent (Divergent fanfic): Chapter 2
Resurgent (Divergent fanfic): Chapter 2 divergent stories

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Chapter 2 of my Divergent fanfic.

Resurgent (Divergent fanfic): Chapter 2

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The room is pristine white and clean. I shiver as I recall the last time I saw a room like this. It was in the Erudite compound. "Please remove your clothes," says a smooth, robotic voice, "and place them in the incinerator." "Creepy, much?" I mutter, glancing round for any security cameras.

Then I obey, taking off my clothes and watching them burn in the incinerator. I shiver as the cold seeps into my naked body. I am pale, my dark tattoos standing out against my pale flesh. "Please step onto the circle," the voice says. I hesitate for a second before doing as I'm told. What's the worst that can happen?

Suddenly, I gasp as warm water hits my body. I begin to panic before I realize that it's just a shower. I close my eye and throw my head back, letting the water refresh me. It's been so long since I've had a proper shower and I relish this moment. Finally, the shower turns off and I dry myself.

"Please place your left arm in the hole in the wall," the voice says. I frown at the bright blue hole. "There's nothing to worry about, Violet," the voice tells me kindly. "You are safe. We won't harm you."

I roll my eyes before tentatively placing my arm in the hole. I wince as I feel a sharp sting on my wrist, like getting a tattoo. So much for not harming me. I pull back my arm to see a marking on my wrist. It's fifteen slim rectangles but I notice one of them is only half. I wonder what it means?

Then I am offered a set of white clothing and I put them on before exiting the room. I end up in a large rectangular room, along with Tris, Christina, Caleb, Four and Peter. "Well, that was the best weird shower I've ever had," Peter says casually.

I ignore him and grab Christina's wrist. She has the same marking as me, only a whole rectangle is missing instead of a half. I can't help noticing Tris has all fifteen of her rectangles. I have a feeling it has something to do with the Divergent. Just then a large holographic screen appears in the centre of the room. A voice begins to speak.

"Welcome to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. You just came from the city of Chicago. Chicago is an experiment ran by the Bureau. In the 21st century human scientists developed a way to alter human genes. They tested it on millions of citizens, trying to remove the faults of human DNA. They tried to remove the very thing that made us human."

"Chicago is one of many experiments set up by the Bureau. We sent many 'Genetically Damaged' people into the city and created the factions in hope of restoring peace. Chicago is one of the only successful experiments. However, not everyone is Genetically Damaged. You may know them as Divergent. We call them 'Genetically Pure'."

"You are the light at the end of the tunnel. With the Genetically Pures' help, we can finally restore peace to this fractured world." We are silent for a while. I glance at Tris. Her and I are the only two Divergents here. So why does she have all fifteen of her rectangles and I only have fourteen and a half?

"Well, that was dramatic," I say finally, breaking the silence. Just then, Matthew opens a door. "If you could all follow me, please." He leads us into a compound and along a hallway. On either sides of us there are rows and rows of tiny rooms. People stare at us as we walk past.

"Hi, Four!" a group of kids squeal and wave at him. Four awkwardly waves back. "How do they know who I am?" he asks Matthew. "The surveillance allows us to look at every corner of the city," Matthew explains calmly. "They've practically grown up watching you." So that explains how they know so much about us. "Nothing creepy about that," Caleb mutters.

Then Matthew comes to a halt beside some rooms. "These are your rooms, where you will find a stack of Bureau clothing waiting for you. We'll give you some time to settle in before assigning you jobs." He smiles round at us all but there is no emotion in it. "We'd like you to consider the Bureau your new home." Then he walks off.

I don't think I can ever consider this place my home. I've lived in Chicago for sixteen years and, although I no longer belong there anymore, there are still parts of it that I miss. I notice that only Tris has pure white clothes, whereas the rest of us have dark clothing in shades of blacks, grays, greens and blues. Again, I realize it must have something to do with Divergent.

I wonder why I haven't got white clothes, since I'm Divergent as well. I don't really mind, as I don't suit white that much. I finish changing into a new set of black clothes just as I hear a knock on my door. Matthew is standing there with Tris.

"The director would like to meet you." "Why me?" I ask. Matthew smiles at me mysteriously. "You'll find out." Matthew leads Tris and I to an elevator, where he gets Tris to scan the mark on her wrist. The elevator doors slide open with a ding and we step inside.

I gaze around in awe. The elevator walls are made of glass and I can get a full view of just how magnificent the Bureau is. Tris, Matthew and I stand in silence as the elevator ascends, but I can sense Matthew staring at me, a small smirk playing at his lips.

We arrive at what I presume is the director's office. Matthew gestures for us to enter. "The director is waiting for you." I raise my eyebrows in surprise at the director's office. It's white and huge with glass windows and a landing pad just outside, with an elegant flying car thing (I must find out what they're actually called) sitting on it snugly.

"You must be the director," Tris says to an elderly man with white hair and a smart suit. "Please," he smiles kindly, "call me David." He gestures for us to sit down on one of the plush, velvet sofas. Tris does. I don't. Instead I stare suspiciously at Matthew, who is standing placidly at the doorway.

David catches me staring and says, "Matthew is completely harmless, Violet." I redden and look away. "Now," David addresses Tris and I, "I suppose you're wondering why I called you both here..."

And that's the end of Chapter 2!!! Remember, this is heavily based on the movie (I have no idea how many times I'm gonna keep saying that lol). Also, if you'd like me to tag you in upcoming chapters, just say.

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