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New sim for y'all!!!

New Sim! (CLOSED)

So I was gonna wait until I had hit the 100 followers milestone before starting a new sim but I'm bored and I can't be bothered waiting that long.

Basically this sim is about 12 dancers who attend this dance studio and there's loads of drama and they compete at competitions and stuff.

There are 12 spots open (first come first serve) and the form is on the next page》》》 Any questions just ask :) (You'll also find the form in the comments)

Form Name: Gender/pronouns: Age (15-18): Appearance: Personality: Sexuality: Love? (Yes/no): Prominent dance styles: Weakest dance styles:

List of dance styles (to help you if you're stuck) • Jazz • Ballet • Hip hop • Breakdance • Contemporary • Acro • Lyrical • Jazz funk

Just to clear things up, your prominent dance styles are your strongest ones. It would help if you could list them in order of strongest. Your weakest dance styles are (obviously) the ones that you're not so good at. You don't need to choose all of the ones from the list. That's just there if you're stuck for ideas.

So yah. I'd appreciate it if you could shout this out and spread the word. Remember only 12 people can join so hurry up!

Peace out - Luanna

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