Legends of The Lost Tribes: Part 7
Legends of The Lost Tribes: Part 7 fantasy stories

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Part 7 of Legends of The Lost Tribes.

Legends of The Lost Tribes: Part 7

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"We should find the Airwing crystal in Cloud Mountain," Lynn informed them. "I know where that is," Annalie grinned. "It's where my family and I used to go to celebrate festivals." "Let's go then," Scarlett smiled.

Annalie lead them to Cloud Mountain. But she spotted something that made her stop in her tracks. "What is it?" Clover asked, squeezing her friend's arm. "I completely forgot," Annalie stuttered. "What?" Lynn said impatiently. "The Airwings should be celebrating the Festival of Zephyr right now." Annalie swallowed. "We're about to meet my family."

"That's not so bad," Elio said, shrugging. "Don't you see?" Annalie hissed. "We're wanted! My parents are bound to know what we've done. What I've done." "Well," Scarlett said, "As long as they don't notice you-" "Annalie! Look, Mommy, Daddy, it's Annalie!"

A group of Airwings flew toward them, most of them having the same curly brown hair as Annalie. "Hey, Mom, hey, Dad," Annalie greeted them awkwardly, bowing her head. They looked at her sternly. "Your sister, Adelaide, has told us what you're doing," began her father. "What do you think you're doing out here?" he hissed. "You could get caught!"

"Um, we'll leave you to it," Clover said nervously. "Don't think you four are going anywhere." Annalie's mother stopped them. "You're breaking the law, for God's sake! You really think you're gonna get away clean?"

Annalie's parents escorted them to their house, where they could talk in private. "Why?" her mother asked, gazing at them all sadly. They were silent for a while. Then Annalie cleared her throat. "It was wrong of Kireina to banish the Lost Tribes into the Shadowlands. They should've been forgiven. And it was the Sunwings who started the whole war! They were jealous."

"Now, Annalie," her father said gently. "That's no reason to go around trying to find them and going against the Queen's orders." "You don't understand!" Annalie cried desperately. "Queen Idalia is keeping the crystals hidden like they belong to her, but they don't-" "What crystals?" her mother asked, confused.

Annalie gaped at her, speechless. Finally, Lynn spoke up. "There are thirteen crystals, one for each tribe. Each one holds the power that the tribes used to have. But after the war, Kireina banned everyone from using their power. If we find all the crystals, then we find the Shadowlands. Those crystals are the key to unlocking the Shadowlands."

"That's blasphemy!" the father roared. "It's not, sir," Clover said calmly. She held out the Earthwing crystal, gesturing for Scarlett to show them the Flamewing crystal, and for Elio to show them the Waterwing crystal, and for Lynn to show the Batwing one. "They can't possibly hold the long lost powers," the father insisted.

Clover said nothing and raised her hands. Twisting vines shot from them, weaving their way around the house. Annalie's parents stared in shock. "Mom, Dad," Annalie began, "let us go free the Lost Tribes, and peace and unity will be restored." The parents said nothing, staring dumbfounded at Clover's vines. Finally, they nodded wordlessly.

"Do you have any idea where the Airwing crystal might be?" Lynn asked them. "How are we supposed to?" Annalie's father shook his head. "We've only just found out about them." "Actually," her mother interjected. "There is this sacred hall, buried deep within the Cloud Mountain. It might be hidden there. I'm sure Adelaide has access to it."

"What if she's on the Queen's side though?" Annale pointed out. Her mother shook her head. "Adelaide started working for the Queen because she wanted to do what's right for Alaida. I'm sure she'll understand." "And if she doesn't, she's grounded for life," added the father firmly.

"If we're caught, we'll all have our wings chopped off," Annalie's elder sister whispered in the dark. They were walking in a secret passageway, heading straight for the sacred hall in Cloud Mountain. It had taken a bit of coaxing to persuade Adelaide, but she finally saw it was the right thing to do in the end.

"So, tell me about these Lost Tribes again," Adelaide said to Lynn. "There are five of them," the Icewing began. "The Galaxywings, who used to rule over the whole of Alaida before the Sunwings took that power away from them. The Cyberwings, who had the most advanced tech ever. The Glowwings, and the Shadowwings."

"That's only four," Adelaide pointed out. "You said their were five." "We don't know the fifth one," Elio butted in brightly. "That's not very helpful. How are you supposed to find their crystal if you don't even know what they are?" Adelaide said. "We'll get there eventually," Annalie grumbled.

They walked on for a few more minutes. "We're here," Adelaide whispered. She pushed open a set of wide, wooden doors and lead them inside. Everyone stared in awe. The hall was massive, encrusted in bright gemstones and the walls were covered in paintings of Zephyr, the God of the Airwings.

In the far centre stood a large throne in the shape of an eagle. "They say Zephyr once lived here himself," Adelaide whispered. "Sweet," Elio whispered back. He grinned and plonked himself down on the throne. "Careful!" Adelaide screeched. "I'm Zephyr and I have three wings," Elio said, putting on a posh voice.

Lynn, Clover, Scarlett and Annalie giggled. "Shut up, idiots," Adelaide snapped. "Just find the crystal and get over it." They started searching the luxurious hall. They checked behind paintings and ornaments. They checked under floorboards and behind the throne. They checked everywhere.

"It's not here!" Scarlett moaned. "Oh, be quiet," Lynn rolled her eyes. "Where else could it be?" "So, we came all the way here for nothing?" Adelaide raised an eyebrow. "Actually," Annalie said slowly, staring at something behind her sister. They all turned round to face the large doors.

"Oh!" Clover realized. The crystal was perched above the doors in a glass cage. "Wonderful," Lynn rolled her eyes again. Annalie flew up to get it. As soon as her fingers touched the crystal, a powerful energy surged through her. She stretched out her arms and bright violet light shot from her. Annalie smiled to herself, relishing the buzzing feelng.

Everyone stared in awe. "Now that's done with," Adelaide cleared her throat. "Let's get outta here before we're caught."

Annalie waved goodbye to her sister as she and her friends flew off. Next stop, the Snow Caps, where the Icewing crystal was hidden.

If you're reading this, type 'Airwing' into the comments. I want to see how many people read this to the end. Sorry this wasn't such a good chapter. I've been super busy with this new sim (all spots are filled up sorry) and loads of schoolwork. Btw, I might not be active much on the next few Mondays coz those are the days I'll be going to school physically. So yah.

Peace out - Luanna

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