Children of Gallifrey: Part 3
Children of Gallifrey: Part 3 doctorwho stories

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Daughter of the Bad Wolf. Daughter of the Girl Who Walked the Earth. Daughter of the Most Important Woman in the Universe. Daughter of the Girl Who Waited. Daughter of the Impossible Girl. All searching for one thing.

Children of Gallifrey: Part 3

Lola Noble first heard of the Doctor when she was ten; eight years ago. When her great-grandfather, Wilfred Mott, was alive, he'd told her about a special man who flew around in a blue box.

He claimed that her mother, Donna, had once travelled with this mysterious man but she had forgotten. The Doctor made her forget to save her life.

Ever since that first story of the Doctor Wilfred had told her she'd been obsessed with the strange Time Lord.

Ever since Wilfred had told her how Donna had forgotten the Doctor, Lola couldn't look at her mother without feeling a pang of sadness.

Then Lola discovered the club. It wasn't much of a club; it didn't even have a name. It was basically just a small group of people who wanted to find the Doctor.

Lola attended one of the meetings and was instantly unimpressed that there was only three people. Until she discovered that they were Myla Jones, Melanie Pond and Cleo Oswald.

All daughters of the Doctor's previous companions.

"Look at us!" Mel grinned one meeting. She linked arms with Lola. "All we need now is the daughter of Rose Tyler."

"But that would be impossible," Cleo pointed out. "Rose Tyler is trapped on a parallel world."

"We don't even know if she had a child," Myla added.

"And if she did, it could've been a boy," Lola couldn't help saying.

"Oh, you're all pessimistic!" Mel rolled her eyes but the grin didn't leave her face. Her green eyes were alight with hope and her flaming hair lit up like fire.

When Lola had first met Mel, she knew instantly that they were going to be best friends. They both had firey hair and fierce tempers.

Just then a girl walked in. She had blonde hair and hazel eyes filled with intelligence. She had that immediate aura of a stranger from a completely different world altogether.

Lola couldn't help staring at her, one word silencing all other thoughts. Rose. Rose. Rose. Rose.

Lola shook herself sternly. It couldn't be Rose, just someone who looked like her.

Suddenly the girl's eyes widened. "Blimey! When Captain Jack said he knew some people who could help, I wasn't expecting to see children of the Doctor's previous companions."

"Who are you exactly?" Cleo asked, stepping forward. "And how do you know who we are?"

"I don't really," the girl admitted. "But you look a lot like your parents. I'm Rudy." She held out a hand. "Rudy Tyler."

"Who?" Mel spluttered. The girl looked slightly annoyed, as if she was tired of everyone having that same reaction to her name.

"Rudy Tyler," she repeated. "My mother is Rose Tyler. I escaped the parallel world with this wormhole manipulator, but as you can see, it's broken now, so I can't go back.

Don't ask me to explain again because it's all I seem to be doing on this planet." She said it all in one breath and was breathing heavily afterwards.

There was an awkward silence until Myla stepped forward. "I'm Myla Jones," she smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"I'm Cleo Oswald," said Cleo.

"I'm Mel Pond," Mel said in her Scottish accent. "My elder sister is the famous River Song, by the way." She winked.

"Yeah, I know," Rudy said.

"I'm Lola Noble."

Rudy looked at her with an expression of sympathy that Lola hated. She knew it was because her mum had forgotten her travels with the Doctor.

Everyone looked at her like that and it drove Lola mad.

"So," Cleo clapped her hands, her brown eyes sweeping across the room. "Rudy, your mum is Rose Tyler, right?"

Rudy nodded. "And my dad is the Meta-Crisis Doctor."

Mel gasped, her eyes wide with excitement. "Really? That's like saying your dad is actually the Doctor!"

Rudy laughed but Lola felt no amusement. She clenched her fists in anger. The Meta-Crisis Doctor was the reason Donna Noble had to get her memory of the Doctor removed in the first place.

Because when Donna touched the hand in the jar, she absorbed some Time Lord energy and became part Doctor, part Donna.

Unfortunately that was too much for her human mind and she would've burned up if the Doctor hadn't removed her memory of him.

"You do know it's the Meta-Crisis' fault my mother has no memory of the Doctor?" she said through gritted teeth.

Rudy glanced at her, that look if sympathy on her face again. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry." She tried to reach out to touch her but Lola brushed her away.

"Anyway," Myla said awkwardly. "How are we supposed to track down the Doctor?"

"London," Rudy answered. "He seems to enjoy going to London."

"So we go there," Mel said, standing up.

"Then what?" asked Myla.

"Did you make that wormhole manipulator thing?" Cleo asked Rudy. The girl nodded.

"Great!" Mel grinned. "You obviously have a lot of knowledge in technology. Finding the Doctor is going to be easy." She cracked her knuckles.

Rudy said nothing. Instead, she seemed to be gazing at something far-off.

So much for that, Lola found herself thinking. She mentally kicked herself. It was the Meta-Crisis who almost killed Donna, not Rudy. She should try and be nice to her.

Who knows? They might get along.

"I have an idea!" Rudy said suddenly. "The Doctor has a sonic screwdriver, right? Well, so do I." She produced a thin, metal stick, similar to the Doctor's.

It made a buzzing sound and lit up green.

"So?" Mel prompted.

"If I can get it to the right frequency, it should be able to send a signal to the Doctor's sonic and find his exact location," Rudy explained.

"I'll do some tinkering with my wormhole manipulator to make it a teleporter so we can get to him fast."

"Rudy, you're a genius," Cleo praised her.

"I just hope it works," Myla smiled nervously.

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