Children of Gallifrey: Part 2
Children of Gallifrey: Part 2 doctorwho stories

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Daughter of the Bad Wolf. Daughter of the Girl Who Walked the Earth. Daughter of the Most Important Woman in the Universe. Daughter of the Girl Who Waited. Daughter of the Impossible Girl. All searching for one thing.

Children of Gallifrey: Part 2

Rudy had mixed feelings about what she was planning to do. A part of her was wracked with guilt. Another part of her was buzzing with excitement. The plan was simple enough.

She would sneak out the house, armed with a wormhole manipulator (that she made herself), her brand new sonic screwdriver, some supplies and her determination to find the Doctor.

She was feeling rather proud of both the plan and her wormhole manipulator. It was a neat little thing; a wristband with a circular screen attached to it. The controls were pretty simple.

She just had to type in some coordinates and a specific time and date and that was that.

The device would create a wormhole, transport Rudy safely through (without getting burnt to a crisp, which is always a bonus) and then close the wormhole as if it was never there.

Rudy spent a whole night working on it in secret. She had no idea if it would work but she was willing to take the risk.

Clutching a crumpled note in one hand and her satchel in the other, Rudy stared around, feeling a pang of sadness in her chest.

She was risking everything for this, but she needed to find the Doctor. Rudy carefully pinned the note to the fridge and scanned through it one last time.

Dear Mum and Dad,

By the time you're reading this, I'll be long gone. I'm sorry but this is what I have to do. I've never felt quite at home here on this parallel Earth.

I've been longing for adventure all my life and you know it. So this is why I've done what I did. I hope there's still a part of you that feels proud of what I've achieved. Don't worry about me.

Live a happy life. And most importantly, don't come after me. I'll be fine.

Lots of love, Rudy.

Rudy hoped it didn't sound to emotional. She wiped away the tears that plagued her eyes and took a deep breath, clutching her satchel.

She stepped out the house, letting the cold winds of Bad Wolf Bay bite at her bare face. She pushed back her coat sleeve, revealing the slim wristband strapped to her wrist.

Rudy typed in the coordinates and dates and closed her eyes.

"Bye Mum. Bye Dad," she whispered tearfully, but her words were swept away by the wind.

Suddenly everything went blurry and the world started spinning. The sensation of falling took over Rudy's body and when she landed, the breath was knocked from her.

Rudy's eyes flew open as she gasped for air. She thrust out her hands, grabbing onto something, anything, to steady her. Rudy gawped at her surroundings. Cardiff. 12th January, 2025. She did it.

The wormhole manipulator actually worked! Unless, of course, Heaven looked exactly like Cardiff. Rudy doubted it.

"Oh, my God," she gasped, clutching at a metal railing. "Oh, my God!" She began laughing uncontrollably. Luckily, she was in a dark alleyway with no one around to stare at her strangely.

Rudy took a few deep breaths, calming herself down, and let some time for it to sink in. She coughed, straightened her satchel, and headed for Torchwood HQ.

"Hello?" a woman with long black hair peeked out from behind a gadget cluttered desk. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"Hi, I'm Rudy Tyler," Rudy smiled her most cheerful smile. "I'm looking for Captain Jack Harkness."

"Ah, him," the woman nodded, her Welsh accent very noticeable. She turned around and called, "Captain! There's a girl here to see you!"

"Ooh! Is she sexy looking?" came the reply.

The woman glanced at Rudy and rolled her eyes.

A moment later, a man with short black hair, long navy coat and a flashy smile sauntered in. He winked at Rudy. "Hello there. I'm Captain Jack Harkness. A pleasure to meet you."

He held out his hand and Rudy shook it.

"I'm Rudy Tyler."

Captain Jack started choking on air. "What did you say?"

"My name is Rudy Tyler," Rudy repeated calmly. She knew her name would have an effect on Captain Jack.

"What?" the woman asked, concerned. "Jack, what is it?"

Jack ignored her and leaned towards Rudy slowly. "Do you know who Rose Tyler is?"

Rudy nodded. "She's my mother."

Suddenly, Jack broke into a wide grin and embraced Rudy warmly. "What a coincidence! Rose's daughter meeting the famous, and very sexy, Captain Jack Harkness."

He turned to the woman. "Gwen Cooper, do you remember Rose Tyler?"

The woman nodded slowly. "Sort of. Was she the blondie who you liked?"

"That's Rose!" Jack winked cheerfully. His voice grew solemn as he spoke to Rudy. "What happened to her, kid? Where is she?"

Rudy swallowed. It pained her to think of what she'd left behind. "She, she's stuck in a parallel world. She married the Meta-Crisis Doctor and had me. She's happy, Captain.

Don't worry about that."

Jack nodded slowly. He blinked and slapped Rudy on the back, the dazzling smile back on his face. "So, Rudy. How did you end up here?"

Rudy held up her wrist to show Jack the wormhole manipulator. That was when she realized it was parched and burnt.

It protected Rudy from that during her journey through the wormhole, but hadn't been able to avoid the fate itself. That was it. No going back.

"Wormhole manipulator!" Jack exclaimed. He frowned. "Whew. Looks like it won't be working again."

"Anyway, Rudy Tyler, what can I do for you?"

Rudy swallowed. "Do you know where I can find the Doctor?"

Jack thought for a moment. "No, he's a tricky guy to find. But I do know a few people who can help..."

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