Children of Gallifrey: Part 1
Children of Gallifrey: Part 1 doctorwho stories

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Daughter of the Bad Wolf. Daughter of the Girl Who Walked the Earth. Daughter of the Most Important Woman in the Universe. Daughter of the Girl Who Waited. Daughter of the Impossible Girl. All searching for one thing.

Children of Gallifrey: Part 1

The computer screen blurred and lagged as Rudy Tyler scrolled tiredly through an endless website page. She was meant to be doing her homework but that could wait for later.

Right now she was researching. Rudy's mother, Rose, often talked about her time with the Doctor. In fact, almost every night Rose would tell her daughter a story of an adventure she went on.

Each time it was different. Sometimes she would be battling the Daleks or defeating the Cybermen. Other times she would be facing the Slitheen or travelling back in time to World War 2.

Rose loved the Doctor, and Rudy was obsessed with him.

The website was created by a man named Clive Finch. That man was dead now, claimed to have been killed in a Nestene Consciousness attack in London, Earth.

Rudy had never been to Earth but she assumed it looked pretty similar to this parallel one.

Rudy closed her eyes for a few seconds, taking a break from the grainy computer screen. There wasn't many interesting things on the website, at least, not anything that Rudy didn't already know.

It was just basically a bunch of people claiming they've seen the Doctor. Rudy knew more than these people.

She knew that the Doctor was born on the far-off planet of Gallifrey, home to the mighty Time Lords.

She also knew that the Doctor could regenerate; when he is about to die, his body repaired itself and quite often his appearance would change.

But the thing Rudy loved the most about the Doctor was the spaceship he travelled in. The TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

It could travel in time, forever disguised as a blue 1960s London police box (because the Chameleon Circuit was broken), and was bigger on the inside. It was Rudy's dream to travel in it.

Deciding that the website was proving to be a fruitless search, Rudy thought she was better off asking the one man who knew the Doctor better than anyone else in the universe; the Doctor himself.

Well, he wasn't really the actual Doctor, he was the Meta-Crisis Doctor; Rudy's father.

The final adventure Rose had with the Doctor involved the leader of the Daleks, Davros, stealing 27 planets to create something called the reality bomb.

Some of the Doctor's previous companions, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler (Rudy's grandmother), Rose Tyler, and Donna Noble,

all joined together to stop them. Unfortunately, the Doctor got shot by a Dalek and had to regenerate.

Rudy's mum was very upset about that because she had only just got reunited with him and didn't want him to change.

But then the Doctor did something very cool and sciencey that Rudy, nor Rose, really understood.

Basically he just aborted some of his Time Lord regeneration into his hand that was in a jar (long story. He lost his hand in a swordfight, grew it back, and put his cut-off hand into a jar).

So the Doctor didn't change during his regeneration, much to Rose's relief.

Then a lot of stuff happened, resulting in Donna being trapped in the TARDIS by herself and accidently absorbing the Time Lord energy in the Doctor's hand, creating an exact copy of the Doctor,

only this one was part human, part Time Lord. He had a human heart and would age just like a normal human, although he had the mind and appearance of the Doctor.

"Dad?" Rudy called as she rushed down the stairs. Her father would probably be working on some cool invention. She found him in the garage, bent over some weird looking gadgets.

"Hello, Rudy," he grinned dazzlingly as Rudy entered. "Aren't you supposed to be doing homework?"

Rudy reddened. Her father knew everything. "Don't worry about that, Dad. I already know how to work out the percentage of a number."

Her father raised an eyebrow. "So what do you want? You only really come and see me if you want something."

"That's not true, Dad!" Rudy protested. "And aren't all children like that?"

The Meta-Crisis Doctor smiled and got back to work. Rudy reminded him so much of Rose.

"What can you tell me about the Doctor?"

He looked up sharply. "Nothing that you don't already know."

Rudy sighed and placed her hands on her hips. "Come on. There must be something I don't know." In fact, it meant a lot to Rudy to hear her father say that.

It wasn't every day you get told you know a lot by one of the wisest beings in the universe.

It was Rudy's father's turn to sigh. "If there is anything else you know about him, then please tell me, because I've told you everything I know about the Doctor.

" It pained him to talk like that, as if the Doctor was a completely different person. He hated how everyone assumed he was a different person to the Doctor, but really, he was exactly the same.

Rudy decided to change the subject. "What are you doing, Dad?"

Her father's eyes lit up, eager to talk about something he loved. "I'm trying to build a sonic device. I miss my old sonic screwdriver, so I've decided to build a new one."

Rudy excitedly bent over his shoulder. "Can you teach me how to make one, please, oh great Father?" she battered her eyelashes sweetly at him.

The Meta-Crisis Doctor laughed his heart-melting laugh. "Why not? It means you won't need to worry about losing your locker keys at school."

Rudy squealed in excitement, but in her head a bigger plan was forming...

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